Fat Injection / Lipofilling

In your face, a fat-injection (lipofilling) improves the contours of the cheeks, temple, eyebrow, filling folds between the nose and mouth or lips.

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Throughout life the face had a slight tendency to decrease in size and give the face narrow and unattractive appearance.A well-shaped round facial contours develop a more angular face when we grow old. Loosing weight, smoking and tanning are other factors that affect thefacial appearance in a negative direction.

The Surgery

The body fat is usually taken from the stomach front leg or knee with a custom needle. The fat is purified and then carefully injected with a special needle. The idea is that the transplanted fat cells grow and be integrated into the tissue fixed in the new location and thus improve and enlarge the weak contours. This operation is carried out under local anesthetic at small interventions. No stitches are needed.

After The Surgery

It is often able to go home in the company of a relative or friend a few hours after the operation. The recovery period can be a few days until the swelling and possible bruising has settled. The first few days after surgery, it may feel a little tense in the area where the fat is transplanted. The first 2 weeks after the operation it is recommended to avoid massage and tanning in the transplanted regions.

The difference can be obvious immediately after the surgery. Hhowever, the outcome depends on how well the transplanted fat heals into place.

Patients who smoke have a significantly worse condition for a good long-term results when a larger amount of the transplanted fat disappear spontaneously after surgery due to the impaired blood circulation and therefore quitting is important for this operation.

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How much does fat injections cost?

Currency to view prices in:

Procedure Price Stay in hospital Stay in Lebanon Anesthesia
Fat Injections 800 USD outpatient (no stay) 2 days General or Spinal
Filler 350 USD outpatient (no stay) 2 days General or Spinal
Fat injection face 1000 USD outpatient (no stay) 2 days General or Spinal
Fat injection hands 1500 USD outpatient (no stay) 2 days General or Spinal

The prices includes:
-Preoperative blood analysis(In hospital operations)
-Hospital cost(Including operating room).
-Surgery fees
-Anesthesia fees.

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