Ear Surgery

Ear surgery brings outstanding ears closer to the head.

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With a well-trained specialist in plastic surgery such as Dr, Nizar Chehab reduces the risk of complications during the operation; very few patients have complications in the ear surgery but some cases tend to have little bleeding or infection.Follow closely the instructions you receive both before and after the operation.

Expectations from Ear Surgery

Discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon, they should be realistic and you should know them before meeting the doctor.

The Operation

The operation takes place mostly in local anesthetic, which usually goes very well. If you wish general anesthesia (sleep), it is normally fine but you should discuss it with the surgeon.

The operation takes about 1 to 2 hours, the plastic surgeon starts with a cut on the back of the ear to produce cartilage. The cartilage is bent back to the head, and few stitches may be needed to help the cartilage stay in place. Sometimes it is necessary to remove some of the cartilage to get a good result. A small piece of skin is removed and then sewn with the stitching as the body itself will take care.

After Ear Surgery

In some cases for large ears you might need to come back after 1 week for a follow up with the surgeon. You should then have a headband / ear band that we switch to. Your ears wo;; heal in 2-3 weeks. After the first stitches are removed, you get a shower and wash your hair, not before. Remember to dry completely behind the ears. Follow the instructions you receive during the visit.

Expect to be home and take it easy for the first week. Hold your head high and try to havw an extra pillow while sleeping. Do not bow down your head the first few weeks.

You will be swollen for 1-2 month after surgery and all bruises disappear within 2-3 weeks. Avoid gymnastics and heavy lifting for 1 month.

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How much does ear surgery cost?

Currency to view prices in:

Procedure Price Stay in hospital Stay in Lebanon Anesthesia
Ear Surgery 2,500 USD outpatient (no stay) 3 days Local + sedation

The prices includes:
-Preoperative blood analysis(In hospital operations)
-Hospital cost(Including operating room).
-Surgery fees
-Anesthesia fees.

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