Breast Lift

(mastopexy or augmentation mastopexy)

Extremely common and safe way to restore firmness and shapeliness to the breasts, giving many women that extra boost of self-confidence.

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Over the years, there are factors that affect a woman’s breasts, pregnancy, lactation, skin elasticity, this contributes to the breasts to lose their shape and begin to hang.

Breast lift is a breast surgery to rebuild the breast shape and firmness. This is not forever, no surgery can prevent aging. Skin is removed and the nipple is moved up. Remember that the operation always leave scars behind.

Think carefully through your expectations before breast surgery and discuss them with your plastic surgeon.


If you are pregnant the surgery should be put after childbirth and breastfeeding. Breast-feeding tends not to be influenced by a breast lift when only skin is removed. In contrast, the sensibility of the nipples will be different.

Risks and Complications

There is always a risk of complications during surgery, but is rare in this operation. Bleeding, infection and reaction to anesthesia can occur. It is known that smokers often suffer complications and have a worse healing. All scars heal differently.
Depending on your age, and heredity for breast cancer, you may need to do a mammogram before the operation, a scan of your breasts.

Usually breast lift is done under general anesthesia (you sleep), however, some patients are capable of doing breast surgery at a local anesthetic. Please discuss with your plastic surgeon.

The Operation

The operation takes about 1 -2 hours, you stay a few hours at the clinic and can then go home. It is good if you have someone who can get you, so you are not alone. The doctor sews the stitches as the body takes care of itself.


You may scar around the nipples and a scar under the breast. It is important that you follow the instructions you receive before and after the surgery.

After the surgery

Avoid tobacco and alcohol 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the surgery. You can shower after the first return visit. Discuss with the doctor regarding the pain-relieving medicine.
You should not lift heavy weights the first few week. Physical training can be started after 1 month. No sauna should be done the first few month. You can usually go back to work after 1-2 weeks.

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How much does breast lift cost?

Currency to view prices in:

Procedure Price Stay in hospital Stay in Lebanon Anesthesia
Breast Lift 4,500 USD 1 night in hospital 7-10 days General
Breast lift with implants 5,000 USD 1 night in hospital General

The prices includes:
-Preoperative blood analysis(In hospital operations)
-Hospital cost(Including operating room).
-Surgery fees
-Anesthesia fees.

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